Hammond Coastal Trail

Hammond Coastal Trail

Follow signs to Mad River Beach
Park at the pedestrian bridge.
Arcata, California
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The Hammond Trail provides adventure, history, and beautiful views all year long. Managed by Humboldt County Parks, it stretches from the Arcata Bottoms northward to Clam Beach County Park in McKinleyville. The trail has been voted "best place to walk, jog, or bike" in Humboldt County in a poll taken by the Times-Standard newspaper. If you want to take a bike ride in Humboldt County, this is the place!

Beginning in Arcata Bottoms - Mad River pedestrian bridge, the southern-most section of trail holds some good views of the ocean and excellent views of the Mad River.  This trail section runs from the Mad River Bridge to Widow White Creek in McKinleyville, where there is a small store, north of the bridge at the School Road, here you can buy drinks and picnic supplies.

Continuing north - Hiller Park offers restrooms, picnic areas, playground, sports fields and its own network of coastal meadow and forest trails.  As the trail continues north to Clam Beach, the views of the ocean and Trinidad Head are excellent, as is the beach access. The trail travels from high bluff overlooking the sea down to Clam Beach.

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Humboldt County’s 100-mile-long Redwood Coast is a misty and majestic slice of California that should be on every DogTrekker’s bucket list. While redwood trees are the stars, the beaches are magnificent—and on many of them, your four-legged friend can romp free within the wave slope. Time your visit to arrive at low tide to stay within regulations—and watch out, especially in winter, for sleeper waves powerful enough to pull you and your furry friend from shore. more »
A wealth oHumboldt Shore near Moonstone beachf beaches where canines are allowed to run free within the wave slope make the Humboldt shore one of the most dog-friendly coastal areas in California. A favorite with locals  is Clam Beach in McKinleyville, the perfect end point for a hike along the five-mile  Hammond Coastal Trail, voted in a recent newspaper poll as best place to hike in Humboldt County. North of Arcata,  Highway 101 hugs the continent’s edge all the way to Trinidad, where dog-friendly Moonstone Beach offers gorgeous vistas of rugged headlands and rocky coves.  more »
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