Hopalong and Second Chance Rescue

Hopalong and Second Chance Rescue

P.O. Box 27507
Oakland, California 94602
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Local Phone: (510) 267-1915
E-mail: [email protected]

Hopalong & Second Chance Animal rescue are committed to eliminating the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Northern California through adoption and prevention services.

Working with their partners at shelters in all Bay Area and Central California counties, they identify and remove animals at risk of immediate euthanasia and facilitate their adoption into loving homes.

ShaNe. Photo courtesy Hopalong and Second Chance Animal RescueStarted in 1993 by a dedicated volunteer at the Oakland animal shelter, Hopalong Animal Rescue has been driven from the beginning by a strong commitment to animal welfare through community education and a strong spay and neuter program as well as their rescue program. In 2006, they merged with Second Chance Animal Rescue in Marin County, enabling them to expand their rescue efforts and save more animals.

Over the years they've found homes for over 1,000 animals a year from Bay Area shelters; their network of foster homes throughout the region allows them to take the time to learn about the dog, provide basic training, and ensure a good match for happy lifelong companionship.

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