Dog-friendly Indian Joe Creek Trail

Indian Joe Creek Trail

Trail located in Sunol Regional Wilderness
Sunol, California
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Local Phone: (510) 544-3249

This great hiking trail is located inside of Sunol Regional Wilderness. There is a ton of things to see on this trail! Wooded canyons, Indian Joe Cave Rocks, and wildflowers in the spring. Don't forget to get a booklet at Visitor Center.

• Parking: Lots provided inside of the wilderness park for small fee.
• Water: Bring your own. Remember to bring extra for your dog during the summer.
• Fee: $5/seasonal, weekends and holidays. $4 per trailered vehicle. 
• Dog fee: $2 per dog. Service dogs are free.
• Best time of year for this hike: Spring
• Distance: 1.41 miles
• Degree of difficulty: Easy with a gentle rise in elevation.
• Hours of operation: 7 a.m. to dusk all year, unless otherwise posted or permitted.

Dogs are welcome on trail as long as they are under complete voice control. Please note that there is abundant wildlife here so if your dog tends to chase it will be best to keep them on leash.

Help us keep this trail beautiful and dog-friendly:
• Always follow the posted rules as they may have changed
• If in off-leash area, keep your dog under voice command
• Respect and protect wildlife and habitats
• Pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints

Point Isabel - Maverick Wayatt Myers
Point Isabel. Photo: Maverick Wyatt Myers
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