Kamice's Photographic Establishment

Kamice's Photographic Establishment

22729 Main St.
Columbia, California 95310
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Local Phone: (209) 532-4861
E-mail: Photo.Kamice at Gmail.com

Dress up as a saloon girl, a cowboy, a bandit or an Indian, tie a bandana around Fido's neck and include him in an old-time family portrait.

This pet-friendly studio stocks a selection of 19th-century clothing, props and backdrops for making souvenirs that will grace your family album for generations to come. 

old time photo studio dress up costumes

Columbia State Historic Park is the kind of place where lasting family memories are made. Come in summer or during a special-event weekend, and you'll encounter rumbling stagecoaches, itinerant musicians, bonneted ladies in sweeping skirts and black-hatted characters who could go mano a mano with John Wayne. For city kids who have never before dipped candles, panned for gold or dressed up in 19th-century costume to have a portrait made, this Gold Rush town that never died can be as much fun as Disneyland (well, almost). more »
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