Mattole Road Beaches

Mattole Road Beaches

Petrolia, California 95558
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There are many unnamed beaches along the remote Mattole Road near the town of Petrolia in Humboldt County. These beaches are seldom visited. Access to them isn’t obvious but where there’s a will there’s a way.

A large ranch owned by the Russ Ranch and Timber Company has put up signs and fences around their property at the north end of Mattole Road so there is no beach access up there. However, the southern portion has several access points for the eager beachcomber.

The southernmost access has a trail that begins at a pullout on the hill before the road hits the coast. This beach has a large rock arch in Mussel Point. The northernmost access is next to a steel bridge close to Steamboat Rock which looks like a ship from the shore. In between are various pull-out spots where you can find a way to the beach.

Help us keep this beach beautiful and dog-friendly:
• Always follow the posted rules
• Respect natural marine life and habitats
• Be aware of tides and currents
• Pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints

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