Robinson Creek Trail to Barney Lake

Robinson Creek Trail to Barney Lake

13425 Twin Lakes Rd.
Bridgeport, California 93517
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This moderately strenuous, 7.8-mile trail follows rust-bottomed Robinson Creek to photogenic Barney Lake,  wedged in steep and ragged granite. Most of its 1,100-foot elevation gain comes in the last push. The scenic views to be had from this trail make it one of the most popular in the  Bridgeport area. If you're camping, the Robinson Creek Campground, 9.3 miles from Bridgeport on Twin Lakes Road, is a convenient base.

The trailhead is at the end of Twin Lakes Road at the north end of Bridgeport off Highway 395. The road ends at at Mono Village, a private campground with cabins and a general store. Enter the campground and pay the fee to park your car near the trailhead.

Dogs should be leashed or under voice control and kept away from wildlife and hikers who may not appreciate four-legged users of the trail.

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