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This well-regarded houseboat concessionaire provides rentals on Shasta Lake and the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta.

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Floating away. Photo Credit: Björn Söderqvist (CC)
Floating away. Photo Credit: Björn Söderqvist (CC)
Northern California has more houseboating opportunities than any other state in the Union, but a little homework is always in order. For comprehensive information and comparisons, check in with Forever Resorts, biggest player in the state, and with web-based booking agencies and, each of which represents multiple operators. Meanwhile, from north to south, here are some premier places to float your boat. more »
Dog on a houseboat
Photo Credit: Danny Wischenbarth (CC)
Yes, water levels are low this summer, but Shasta is a huge lake—and it’s also the houseboat capital of California. Rentals are available from several marinas, and the lake's 360 miles of jagged shoreline are indented with cove after cove where boaters more »
Dog on houseboat
Ruffin' it on lake Shasta. Photo:
If your idea of a truly relaxing vacation is a fresh-air filled week with the family, houseboating could be just the ticket. Whether you choose a bare bones model geared to fisher-folk or a floating palace that can handle a crowd, there are  plenty of dog-friendly houseboat options to choose from.   more »
Photo Credit: The Humane Society of the United States (CC)
Photo Credit: The Humane Society of the United States (CC)
The moon is bright, the water calm. An owl hoots, a fish flops. Fido perks his ears. No, you’re not camping: You’re floating through the weekend on a houseboat.

Whether you opt for a stripped-down model sleeping six or a floating palace that can handle a crowd, there’s nothing like a waterborne vacation to bring out your inner Huck Finn. more »
Little Dogs On Houseboat
To look at beautiful, blue Shasta Lake is to want to be on it, and there’s no better way to soak up the scenery than on a houseboat. Seven marinas on California’s largest reservoir maintain fleets of houseboats for rent, and Shasta is considered the houseboating capital of the world. more »
Houseboating Basics
Houseboats at Jones Valley Marina.
Photo: Janet Fullwood
Houseboat rentals are available on many Northern California lakes and waterways, but—just as with hotels—not all rental companies welcome dogs, and some that do limit canines to just one or two of their oldest, least desirable boats. Before you get your heart set on that deluxe model with a rooftop hot tub, faux fireplace and big-screen TV, be sure to ask. In competitive markets such as Lake Shasta, you'll find lots of dog-friendly options. more »
The San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta is a boater's paradise that in places feels like another world. Its 1,000 miles of navigable waterways wind through one of the richest agricultural regions in the nation and are easy to get lost in, so navigation skills are a must. Other challenges—like knowledge of tides and currents and being on the alert for low bridges, snags and shallow channels—make houseboating here a different venture than on a lake. more »
Jones Valley Resort at Shasta Lake
Jones Valley Resort at Shasta Lake.
Photo: Janet Fullwood
Houseboats can be rented from seven marinas on Northern California's largest—and arguably most beautiful—reservoir.

Shasta Lake is the houseboating capital of California, if not the world, and for good reason.

The lake's 360 miles of jagged shoreline are indented with cove after cove where houseboaters can anchor out in solitude or bob in the company of others. more »
The Sacramento River Delta is a watery maze worlds removed from the urban clutter of Sacramento and the Bay Area.

On a Sunday drive you'll see old-time bridges and miles of levees that in the mid-1800s transformed a once trackless wetland into 55 agricultural islands—two of them connected by public ferry— that still produce food for Northern California.

Regrettably, there are not many areas in the Delta where you can legally let Astro off leash. But don't let that stop you. more »
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