Snow Mountain Wilderness

Snow Mountain Wilderness

Southern Part of the Northern California Coastal Mountain Range
Stonyford, California
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Local Phone: (530) 934-3316

The best time to visit Snow Mountain Wilderness is from late spring to late summer. Snow usually lingers on the high crest-zone until late June. Bathhouse, Deafy Glade and Bear Wallow Trails can offer exhilarating, snow-free winter hikes. Always be prepared for bad weather.

Forty miles of trail are located in the wilderness. This leaves a vast amount of acreage very remote and highly conducive to cross-country exploration. The moderate hike to the top of East Peak affords visitors a magnificent view of the Sacramento Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east, Clear Lake to the southwest, the Coastal Mountains to the west, and the timbered mountains of the Mendocino National Forest to the North.

It's advisable to check in with Mendocino National Forest rangers, 825 N. Humboldt Ave., Willows, CA 95988; (530) 934-3316 for trail maps and condition updates before you and your dog head out on a trail. Bring plenty of water, warm clothes and extra food.

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Garland Ranch Regional Park. Photo Credit: jdehaan (CC)
Garland Ranch Regional Park. Photo Credit: jdehaan (CC)
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