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The Tiny Pitbull

840 Hopper St.
Petaluma, California 94952
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Local Phone: (707) 241-5410

The Tiny Pitbull's mission is to find homes for homeless dogs in Sonoma County through a fostering network in the community.

Team Tiny Pitbull focuses on dogs that appear to have special needs or are struggling in the shelter environment. They believe giving these dogs a break from the shelter gives them the opportunity to experience life in a structured and loving home atmosphere.

Because many of the shelter dogs don’t come with a history, fostering provides an opportunity to observe the dogs in a stress-free environment on a daily basis.

Here’s the process:

• Bring a distressed dog home and provide structure, routines, exercise, basic manners, and lots of love and affection!
• Introduce the new foster to the social media community and chronicle their daily life with short stories and photos.
• Determine the best family environment suited for the dog and market the dog towards that audience.
• Work with potential adopters to determine if they are a good fit.
• Work with the shelter and adopters in dog-to-dog introductions and provide the adopters with helpful tips.
• Offer continuous support for the new family and dog to ensure a successful adoption.

Tiny Pitbull considers each dog to be a part of the family and works to ensure they have the best life possible!

Information on pit bulls and why they are great dogs

Photo: Shea (left) with foster brother and TTP alum Jackson.
Photo: Shea (left) with foster brother and TTP alum Jackson.
A few years ago, in the wake of harrowing treatments for a life-threatening cancer, North Bay resident Christine Del Ponte started volunteering with dogs in nearby shelters. "After all of my treatments, I was left feeling very depressed," she recalls. "I was looking for something to help me work my way out of that dark space, and I found dogs."

She was soon drawn to those who stood little chance of getting out alive—the shy ones, the terrified ones, the ones with medical issues, the ones who couldn't tolerate the shelter environment—and determined to help them change their fate, or, as she says, "make overlooked dogs appealing." more »
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