Underdog Rescue, Inc.

Underdog Rescue, Inc.

P.O. Box 994
Trabuco Canyon, California 92678
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E-mail: UnderdogRescue@cox.net

UNDERDOG Rescue, (100% non-profit), is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of lost, abandoned and "Death Row Shelter Animals" in need of loving homes.

Their true passion is in the rescue of mixed breed dogs,...the UNDERDOGS, that are so often overlooked and forgotten! Their goal is to match "pets with people." They provide detailed personality profiles about their dogs: their traits, habits, likes and dislikes.

UNDERDOG Rescue helps their adopters pick the best animal, that fits their lifestyle, and personality. They support ALL the adoptions with medical attention, training and on-hand supervision. They strive to teach the precious gift of unconditional love between animal and man, in our efforts to rescue the wonderful UNDERDOGS OF THE WORLD!

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