Vintage Surfari Wagon Camper Van Rentals Dog Friendly

Vintage Surfari Wagon

700 - 770 Newton Way Costa Mesa, CA 92627-4277
Costa Mesa, California 92627
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Local Phone: (714) 585-7565

Vintage Surfari Wagons' goal is to "facilitate epic road trips," and its fleet of a dozen VW buses help make it happen.

To quote from the website: "Somehow a VW Bus journey seems to always lead to the oddest adventure (or two!), no matter how studiously planned (or not) your expedition may seem to be (surprisingly, in spite of well laid plans, actually). Be ready for something enchanting, wholly unpredictable, you travelers in a VW Bus. Magic carpet rides anyone?"

Canine passengers must be authorized in writing beforehand; minimum $100 cleaning fee applies., dog friendly, vintage, VW, camper van

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