Walkin' the Bark Rescue

Walkin' the Bark Rescue

Concord, California 94524
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E-mail: witbrescue@gmail.com

Walkin' the Bark is a small grassroots 501(c)(3) rescue run purely by volunteers.

Walkin’ the Bark Rescue takes in harder-to-adopt dogs that have some type of physical, social, or behavioral issue to which special consideration needs to be given.  

While caring for harder-to-adopt dogs limits the number of dogs they are able to help, since these dogs take longer to find homes for and require more investment of time and resources, Walkin' the Bark firmly believes that quality wins out over quantity any time. Dogs like these deserve their chance at happiness too, and each of their successes is a testament to their spirit and a reminder to all of us that the underdog doesn't have to remain that way. 

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