Bend And Stretch

By: DogTrekker Staff

Many makes and models of dogs can be trained in agility.The fastest-growing companion-dog sport in America is agility, a many-faceted activity in which dogs and handlers negotiate a series of jumps, chutes, see-saws, A-frames, planks, weave poles and other obstacles while racing against the clock. More than 2,000 American Kennel Club-sanctioned agility trials are held in the United States each year, but thatís just the tip of the tail. The United States Dog Agility Association also sanctions competitive events leading to titles, as do the North American Dog Agility Council and the Australian Shepherd Club of America.

Agility is a sport that requires long-term commitment and passion on the part of both dog and handler. If your interest has been sparked, youíll have no problem finding a club or facility where you and Rowdy can learn and practice together. In the Sacramento area, check out Performance Dogs in Action (which also offers instruction in herding and dock diving) and the Haute Dawgs Agility Group. In the Bay Area, start with training facilities on the Bay Team agility club website. Another good way to get started is with a dog-agility Meetup Group. Happy training!

Many makes and models of dogs can be trained in agility. Photo by Janet Fullwood
Posted 5/11/11