California’s legendary, dog-friendly landscapes draw millions of pet parents and pups every year. From dipping paws and feet into alpine lakes along Sierra trails to playing fetch in the neighborhood park, the Golden State promises extraordinary adventures.

The opportunity to explore California’s beaches, forests, trails, and public lands is a privilege that dog parents must continually earn and protect. Leave Only Paw Prints® provides resources to help us travel lightly and preserve access for our four-legged family members. Leave Only Paw Prints is a set of values and a way of life. We take a holistic approach to protecting pups and park access across California, suggesting simple tips for thoughtful dog travel. In addition to minimizing the impact on wildlife and natural habitats, we create a safety net for pups.

This is especially important when you visit unfamiliar trails and beaches. Protecting you, your dog and the environment is easy. Check out our six values as you plan your next adventure whether you’re walking down the block or trekking in new terrain.

1) Plan ahead and carry plenty of water
2) Follow the posted rules
3) Be considerate of others, with or without dogs
4) In off-leash areas, keep your dog under voice command
5) On the trails, respect and protect wildlife and habitats; on beaches, respect natural marine life and habitats.
6) Always pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints.®


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