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A small dog with brown and white fur perches on a stone wall in a lush desert landscape. Palm trees, agave plants, and red flowers dot the surroundings. In the background, mountains rise under a blue sky with scattered white clouds, showcasing the dog-friendly environment of Greater Palm Springs.

Exploring Greater Palm Springs with your dog

Arrival and accommodations Traveling with your dog to Greater Palm Springs and the surrounding California desert region offers a unique blend of outdoor adventures, pet-friendly accommodations, and a laid-back vibe. Start by finding the right place to stay. La Quinta Resort & Club treats dogs like VIPs with dog-friendly rooms
Three dogs run along a narrow dirt path in the forest at Big Bear Lake, CA. A smiling golden retriever is on the left. In the center is a smaller dog, and to the right is a larger black-and-white dog with its tongue out. Trees line the sides of the path, and sunlight filters through the branches in this dog-friendly area.

Big Bear Lake, CA: the ultimate dog-friendly destination year-round

Big Bear Lake, CA, in the San Bernardino Mountains, is a haven for dog lovers looking for a getaway in any season. Whether you’re into summer swims, fall hikes, winter snow fun, or spring blooms, Big Bear has it all for you and your four-legged friend. Summer: water, trails, and
A woman in a knit hat and dark jacket holds a small, fluffy dog close to her on the sidewalk in Ukiah. Shops line the street behind them, and people walk by as cars move along the road. A sign with partially visible text hangs above her head.

Dog-friendly Ukiah: A dog lover’s paradise in Mendocino County

A haven for furry friends When most people think of Mendocino, they picture the quaint coastal town where “Murder, She Wrote” was filmed. But right off Highway 101 in Mendocino County is dog-friendly Ukiah—a funky, friendly town that’s a dog lover’s dream. Parks and open spaces Ukiah’s dog-friendly reputation is
A golden retriever sits on a sidewalk flanked by trees on a quaint street in Calistoga, Napa Valley. The storefront nearby is decorated with vibrant flowers. In the background, there are small shops, hanging signs, and fall-colored leaves on the trees. It’s an ideal spot for dog lovers looking to explore with their pets.

Discover Calistoga in Napa Valley: a VERY dog-friendly wine country city

Napa Valley offers more than just great wine—it’s a top spot for dog lovers. Calistoga, in particular, is very dog-friendly. Here’s how you and your pup can enjoy this charming town. Exploring Calistoga Start with a walk down Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga’s main street. Many shops here welcome dogs, so you


A child with long hair and a yellow shirt sits on a sandy beach in California next to a large golden-brown dog. Rocky cliffs frame the background. They both watch the calm ocean waves under a cloudy sky, enjoying their safe outing together.

Navigating kids and dogs: tips for a safe and enjoyable outing in California

Stay calm and assess the situation You’re out on a hike with your dog, enjoying a walk in the park, or strolling on the beach when suddenly, a nearby child starts crying. You know your dog loves kids, but the poor child is scared. How do you handlekids and dogs?

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Golden Retriever in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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A person with curly hair smiles at their dog. They both share a quiet moment, lit by the warm glow of a sunset. The background shows soft, blurred trees and grass, highlighting the close bond between them and their recently adopted pet.

The joy of a ‘foster fail’ in dog rescue

The foster system: a lifeline for dogs In the world of dog rescue, the term “foster fail” is widely recognized and celebrated. Despite what the term might suggest, a foster fail is far from a failure. Instead, it signifies a heartwarming success story where a temporary foster home becomes a
A black dog with pointed ears and a white snout sits on a gravel surface in front of a red wooden building and green foliage. The rescue dog wears a black and orange bandana with a pumpkin pattern, gazing attentively into the distance.

How to pick the right rescue dog for your lifestyle

Walking into a shelter, the atmosphere is a mix of hopeful barks and the quiet shuffling of paws. You pass row after row of kennels, each occupied by a dog with a story waiting to be heard. At the end of the row, a large black dog catches your eye.

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