Win an "Oakland Dogcation" at Claremont Club & Spa - Fairmont Hotel. 

A person holding a dog stands beside the text on the left, while the right showcases the grand hotel building amid trees, with the DogTrekker Home logo included.
A carved wooden sculpture of a dog's head stands out, showcasing detailed craftsmanship. Behind it, an Oakland street appears blurred but recognizable with trees and parked cars lining the pavement. The sculpture features a collar adorned with intricate patterns.

Discover dog-friendly Oakland: A canine paradise

Oakland is a fantastic place to visit or live with your dog. It’s sunny when San Francisco is foggy, and it’s very dog-friendly when some
Bella. Photo by Roger Coryell.

How to find a lost dog: Essential tips

Our rescue dog Bella, who came to us from Rocket Dog Rescue, was a world-class escape artist. There was no gate she couldn’t get through,
A brown dachshund in a yellow life jacket stands at the forefront, gazing directly into the camera. In the blurred background, two people are rowing a boat on a lake encircled by thick, green forest. The dog takes center stage, highlighting the importance of water safety for pets while still capturing an active outdoor scene.

Six water safety tips to protect your dog

Plenty of dog breeds love swimming, splashing and playing fetch on the beach, especially on hot summer afternoons. By following
A Golden Retriever stands in the shallow water beside a lakeside dock in Lake County. The dog's wet fur glistens under the sunlight. In the background, a serene lake is framed by mountainous terrain, with a clear blue sky overhead.

Water fun and wineries in Lake County

Fresh air, bright skies and pretty scenery distinguish Lake County. Tucked about two hours north of San Francisco, it’s anchored

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Health benefits of owning a dog. A puppy cuddle can save your life.

Unlocking the health benefits and energy boost of having dogs in your life

Yes, there are some serious health benefits from having a dog in your life. I was going through a terribly stressful time in my life—work challenges, relationship issues, money worries, the whole deal. My stress level was off the charts. Then I met a neighbor who had a litter of

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Golden Retriever in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Hikes and parks

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A person with curly hair smiles at their dog. They both share a quiet moment, lit by the warm glow of a sunset. The background shows soft, blurred trees and grass, highlighting the close bond between them and their recently adopted pet.

The joy of a ‘foster fail’ in dog rescue

The foster system: a lifeline for dogs In the world of dog rescue, the term “foster fail” is widely recognized and celebrated. Despite what the term might suggest, a foster fail is far from a failure. Instead, it signifies a heartwarming success story where a temporary foster home becomes a
A black dog with pointed ears and a white snout sits on a gravel surface in front of a red wooden building and green foliage. The rescue dog wears a black and orange bandana with a pumpkin pattern, gazing attentively into the distance.

How to pick the right rescue dog for your lifestyle

Walking into a shelter, the atmosphere is a mix of hopeful barks and the quiet shuffling of paws. You pass row after row of kennels, each occupied by a dog with a story waiting to be heard. At the end of the row, a large black dog catches your eye.

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