Two dogs, one with light fur and the other with dark fur, sit on the grass looking up. They are surrounded by people and colorful items such as orange and green fabric. Both dogs look happy and are wearing collars and leashes, capturing a moment worth remembering in newsletter archives.

Must-attend events this summer and fall

Summer in much of California means bright days and warm nights – plus plenty of dog-friendly celebrations! Explore’s event section
A large gray dog wearing a neon green collar sits at an outdoor table in Sacramento. Its tongue hangs out as it looks at a plate of food and a glass of orange beverage. Green trees surround the area, and part of a person is visible nearby.

Sacramento: A beer-lover’s magnet

Old Sacramento is a must-visit for history buffs and dog lovers alike. The area features wooden sidewalks, horse-drawn carriages, and plenty of dog-friendly spots.

Explore California

A beige-coated dog lies on the grass, wearing a colorful bandana and blue harness. Behind the dog stands a large white historic building with tall columns and many windows, framed by trees against a clear blue sky. This is an ideal location for one of Sacramento's top five dog-friendly activities.

Top five dog-friendly activities in Sacramento

With history and fun in Old Sacramento to o expansive parks and delicious restaurants with patios, Sacramento has great options for you and your pup year-round.
dalmation peeking out window of an SUV

Discover dog-friendly Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is a picturesque town with scenic views where you’ll find a variety of dog-friendly activities that will keep both you and your furry companion entertained and happy. Here are the top 10 dog-friendly things to do in or near Pleasant Hill.


A large, light-colored dog with floppy ears lies on a stone floor. Its head rests on one paw, with a calm and slightly sad expression. The softly blurred background suggests an indoor or patio setting lit by warm, natural light. This peaceful image commonly depicts dogs with arthritis looking for comfort.

New stem cell therapy offers relief for dogs with arthritis

As dogs age, many face the discomfort of osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative joint disease that significantly impacts their quality of life. This common condition affects more than 10 million dogs in the United States, causing chronic pain and reduced mobility. Traditional treatments often fall short, but a recent study highlights

Where to stay

Places to Stay

Hit the trail!

Golden Retriever in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Hikes and parks

Water fun

Water Fun

Enjoy time with your dog

Things to do

Two brown dogs lean out of a car window, enjoying the wind and the view of California's coastline. The scene includes a rugged coast, blue ocean waves, and a partly cloudy sky on a sunny day. This road trip has the dogs looking content.

Three amazing dog-friendly road trips in California

California’s diverse landscapes offer endless opportunities for road trip adventures, especially for those traveling with their dogs. Here are three meticulously planned dog-friendly road trips: Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes, Jenner up Highway 1 to Leggett, and Redding to Mount Shasta. Each route provides stunning scenery, pet-friendly stops, and unforgettable experiences
A dog stands on a rock at the edge of a calm lake, surrounded by pine trees and mountains. The clear water mirrors the sky and trees, providing a scenic setting ideal for those looking for outdoor activities with their dogs.

Dog-friendly Lake Tahoe: Why your dog will thank you

Dog-friendly Lake Tahoe is a dream for outdoor lovers and their four-legged friends. With pristine waters, majestic peaks, and numerous trails, it’s perfect for dog-friendly adventures. Here’s how to make the most of your Tahoe trip with your dog, including some hidden gems. Getting there Traveling to Lake Tahoe with
Dog on breakfast restaurant patio

Chow Down in Sacramento

I’ll have the chicken salad… Photo:Kennejima Several years ago, Sacramento branded itself “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.” And no wonder: virtually every independently-owned restaurant in town prides itself on fresh ingredients sourced from Central Valley farms within just a few miles of town. With 2014 passage of a statewide law giving formal

Find a helping hand


Where to eat

Dog at table

Food and Drink

A person with curly hair smiles at their dog. They both share a quiet moment, lit by the warm glow of a sunset. The background shows soft, blurred trees and grass, highlighting the close bond between them and their recently adopted pet.

The joy of a ‘foster fail’ in dog rescue

The foster system: a lifeline for dogs In the world of dog rescue, the term “foster fail” is widely recognized and celebrated. Despite what the term might suggest, a foster fail is far from a failure. Instead, it signifies a heartwarming success story where a temporary foster home becomes a
A black dog with pointed ears and a white snout sits on a gravel surface in front of a red wooden building and green foliage. The rescue dog wears a black and orange bandana with a pumpkin pattern, gazing attentively into the distance.

How to pick the right rescue dog for your lifestyle

Walking into a shelter, the atmosphere is a mix of hopeful barks and the quiet shuffling of paws. You pass row after row of kennels, each occupied by a dog with a story waiting to be heard. At the end of the row, a large black dog catches your eye.

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