Maya at Nick's Cove. Photo by Dave Kendrick.

Welcome to® is on a mission. It all starts with our 4-Paw Promise: to deliver local and accurate listings; provide engaging and actionable content, and focus on social commitment to the communities we serve.

That promise is part of our three-pillar mission: providing dog-friendly California travel listings and stories; supporting local animal welfare organizations; and promoting sustainable travel access across California, suggesting simple tips for safe and thoughtful dog travel. covers the great dog-passionate state of California, featuring 10,000 listings including dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, hikes, beaches, attractions, wineries, local and emergency services, and more. Plus, we have written over 2,500 stories about where, when, and how to travel with your pup to destinations throughout California. Whether you are traveling two miles to play at a local park, or two hundred to explore the hidden dog-friendly beaches of Lake Tahoe, DogTrekker is your co-pilot.

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