DogTrekker dogs LOVE going to the beach! We have you covered with where to find the dog-friendly beaches in California.

Lodato Trail

Lodato Trail, courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz Tucked away in the redwoods of Scotts Valley, Lodato is a hidden gem of forested beauty. The entire route clocks in at 1.2-miles and a leisurely stroll will likely take less than 45 minutes (but it is a lot of uphill). Parking is free, and your leashed pups are welcome to enjoy the redwoods by your side. Just mind the poison oak which can creep close to  Read more.

Roaring Camp Railroads

Roaring Camp Railroads, courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz. Henry Cowell borders Roaring Camp Railroads where dogs are welcome on leash to explore the acres (including trails) of forested land. And for those pooches (or owners) who want to experience the grandeur of the redwoods and mountains but might need some help – hop aboard the train! Yes, your well-behaved pooch can hitch a ride on the st  Read more.

West Glenwood Open Space Preserve

West Glenwood Preserve. Paul Zaretsky photo.
West Glenwood Open Space Preserve, story courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz. With about four miles of trails, the West Glenwood Preserve is a great choice for hiking adventures with your pooch! Gorgeous vistas of the valley are around every corner and there are a variety of loops to choose from. In the spring, wildflower abound on the rolling hills. A few things to be aware of: the trails are currentl  Read more.

Pogonip Open Space

Pogonip Open Space, courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz. There are miles of dog-friendly trails and secret treasures to discover at Pogonip Open Space. Leashed pups are welcome on several of the trails, but for an easy stroll with a big payoff, follow the Rincon Trail from the UCSC campus as it slopes downhill to the eastbound Spring Box Trail. A quick stroll along the Spring Box Trail soon leads to an  Read more.

Raving about Redding

Watching the geese at the Sundial Bridge. Photo by Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
March is perhaps the prettiest and most temperate month of the year in Redding, a Northern California city that can warm up in summer.  Read more.

Cooper loved to Travel

In his ten years, this Lab/border collie/cattle dog mix traveled to seven states, but most of all he loved going anywhere DogTrekker recommended.  Read more.

Time out (with oysters) by the sea

Photo by Nick’s Cove Restaurant & Oyster Bar.
It’s oyster season! And it’s hard to imagine a more ideal place to enjoy a delectable dozen than at Nick’s Cove Restaurant and Oyster Bar.  Read more.

Open air dog-friendly activities perfect for social distancing

By now, we all know the drill: wash your hands, cover your face in public, maintain six feet of “social distancing” between yourself and anyone else who is not a member of your household “bubble.” So where does your dog fit in? Right by your side, as always! In Mendocino County, you’ll have access to many activities that let you have fun while still adhering to the gu  Read more.

So, What’s to Do With Your Dog in Concord?

The short answer: Lots and lots of things to get tails a-waggin!  Start off with a romp at Baldwin Dog Park or the Paw Patch dog park in 126-acre Newhall Community Park, then hit the trails at one of the East Bay Regional Park District preserves just minutes away.  Read more.

Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue Vets Save Cali

From: Judy Kreger, Founder & CEO, Donate Here!   Monterey Bay Lab Rescue is continuing to take in Labs and Lab mixes that need rescue, virus or no virus. Our great fosters are always ready and willing to open their homes and their hearts to welcome in any Lab in need. And our vet continues to provide full vet care for all of our rescues including any surgeries they might require.   &  Read more.

Seaside Waves and Walks With Your Dog

Whether your drive all or just some of intoxicating Highway 1 hugging the Mendocino County coast, you’re sure to find many places to pull over and get some sand between your and Buster’s toes. Go slow, stop often and be sure to check out these highlights.  Read more.

Dog-friendly attractions on the Mendo Coast

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Photo by Jessica Bay.
The Mendocino Coast is rich in natural attractions, from beaches and redwood forests to vast networks of trails where you and your pup can hike to your hearts' content.  Read more.

Goldendoodles Wilber & Walter

Wilbur and Walter are both goldendoodles and both therapy dogs. We moved to the beach so they could run and play with others. We’ve had a great and wonderful life so far. Wilbur crossed over the rainbow bridge in July.  Read more.

StayCations are my pup’s DogCations®

This California experience is in my backyard (haha). There is another pic attached of Huntley in Carmel. Backyard deck dogs left to right Peyton, Huntley, Sammie, Torrie and Finn. The 2nd picture is Huntley at Carmel beach  Read more.

Harley the waterdog

I just lost Harley my yellow lab on January 5 at nine years young. She loved Dillon Beach, going to the snow and swimming anywhere she could find a body of water.  Read more.

Leave No Dog Behind

One simple mission has always guided DogTrekker’s work: Leave no dog behind, whether you’re on vacation or at a shelter.  Read more.

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