Coarsegold Historic Museum

Coarsegold Historic Museum

The Coarsegold Historic Museum, situated on two acres alongside Highway 41, is the home of a collection of artifacts stemming back to the 1800s.

The property once was part of an old horse-drawn-freight wagon road (pre-Hwy 41) and an original historical adobe freight way-station. The 110-year-old building is a “packed adobe” made of mud and rock. After its use as a way-station, it was used for many years as a home. It is currently in the process of restoration and the progress can be viewed by visitors to the museum.

The museum also includes a barn housing a museum in which artifacts and history of the region are featured.  The barn has been dedicated to Ethel Kennedy, who originally owned the property.

The Coarsegold Historic Museum is owned and operated by the Coarsegold Historical Society, an educational nonprofit entity. 

Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners on the grounds, in the picnic area and adjacent meadow. 

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