Culp Valley Campground

Culp Valley Campground

Culp Valley is a primitive campground in the San Ysidro Mountains west of Borrego Springs. At 3,375 feet above sea level, the campground a cradled by peaks.

Here’s what Culp Valley Primitive Campground doesn’t have: water, picnics tables, fire rings, and charcoal grills. Here is what the campground does have: vault toilets and ground to put a tent on. That’s why they call it primitive camping, and the price is right – free!

There are no trees at Culp Valley Primitive Campground, but boulder piles and tall brush provide early morning and late afternoon shade. The potential campsites are located around a few dirt roads that branch out around the campground. The surrounding brush and boulders add privacy so that you can avoid seeing other campers while you unwind in the desert.

Dogs are allowed on leashes on camp roads only (not on trails).

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