Echo Lake to Lake Aloha – West Shore

Echo Lake to Lake Aloha – West Shore

Echo Lake to Lake Aloha is 12 miles round trip and rated difficult.

On US Highway 50, follow signed turnoff to Echo Lake 0.5 mile west of Echo Summit. Look for a parking lot about a mile from the turnoff, near Lower Echo Lake. The trail starts at the dam below Echo Chalet.

This dog-friendly trail is open to hikers and equestrians. Because it is a wilderness trail and as such mountain bikers are not allowed.

From the dam at Lower Echo Lake, the trail follows the shoreline past gnarled trees and some quaint cabin homes. It then curves south over the rocky peninsula between Lower and Upper Echo Lakes, and arrives at a trail junction.

Going down to the left will take you to the Echo Lake Taxi Pier, where a water taxi goes back to the chalet. (For information contact Echo Chalet at 530-659-7207).

The TRT continues straight and climbs steadily over more rocky terrain. After another 0.6 miles, the trail levels off as you enter Desolation Wilderness.

In the next 2.9 miles you will see many trails, so be careful not to stray off the TRT/PCT. During this time you will be climbing steadily through open granite areas, several mixed forests of red firs, mountain hemlocks and western white pine and scattered small grassy meadows that bloom with wildflowers.

Finally after 6 miles of fairly steady uphill you will arrive at Lake Aloha. This is the ideal spot to relax, have lunch, swim, and soak in the sun before returning to your car.