Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

East Bay Regional Park District 80 years logoMost of this 4,708-acre park's trails are named to commemorate indigenous peoples  (Coyote, Fox and Eagle trails), while other names refer to natural features (Valley View, Blue Oak and Highland Ridge trails).

Hog Canyon and Jeremiah trails harken back to the park's ranching past. 

Sandstone hills within the park in spring sprout more than 90 species of wildflowers, including the Diablo sunflower (Helianthella castanea), which grows only in the foothills of Mount Diablo. Deer, coyote and even the elusive mountain lion may be seen here, and a variety of raptors frequently soar overhead.

Expansive ridge-top views reveal Mount Diablo to the west, Mount Saint Helena to the north and the snow-covered Sierra to the east. Lowland valleys cradle the headwaters of Marsh Creek.

Park activities include hiking, horseback riding, picnicking and camping. There is also a backpack campsite. 

•  Dogs welcome. Must be leashed in developed areas.  Please pick up after your dogs.
•  Park Hours: 8 a.m. to dusk
•  Parking: Free.
•  Admission: Free

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