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High Sierra Animal Rescue Retriever’s Ball

July 27

colorful balls floating in the Millpond with dogs ready to retrieve them at the Retriever's Ball.

High Sierra Animal Rescue’s (HSAR) Retriever’s Ball is back this summer! Every year HSAR releases hundreds of numbered balls (up to 1,000!) into the Mill Pond in Graeagle, CA, then asks a helpful pup to retrieve 6 balls. Try your luck and see if your number is picked as a winner! The drawing will be happening in late July.

Each ball is $5. Here is the link to the fundraiser: Retriever’s Ball!

Each donation will be recorded on our numbered tracker. Then a pup will jump into the Mill Pond and retrieve a handful of balls that are marked with the corresponding numbers. We will take a video of a rescue dog fetching the numbered balls and announce the winners!

100% of the proceeds will directly help the dogs! 

Prizes include:

  • Sierraville Hot Springs- $250 gift certificate
  • Sardine Lake Resort – Dinner for 2
  • Kentucky Mine Amphitheater- Music at the Mine “The Island of Black and White” August 12th 7:30pm – 4 tickets
  • Kentucky Mine Amphitheater- Music at the Mine “Merrygold w/ Juliet Gobert” August 26th 7pm – 4 tickets
  • Custom Pet Portrait by Jillian Etter (16×20)
  • Custom Pet Portrait by Jillian Etter (8×10)

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