Jessica’s Haven

By: DogTrekker Staff

Back in 2008, serendipity struck when Laura Cottingham and Laura Hislop took over a dog kennel in San Rafael—and Hislop's daughter Jessica, who had some disabilities, didn't care that much for people, but loved animals, was in heaven. The dogs loved her right back, and Jessica's Haven & Rescue was born as a place for kids and adults with disabilities to spend quality time with dogs, most of whom need a bit of extra nurturing (like puppies or shy dogs) or medical attention before they find their families. It's good for the dogs, who get to soak up the love, and it's good for special-needs folks, who also get to soak up the love, and learn responsibility for themselves and others too.

Currently having a fine time at Jessica's Haven while she awaits her forever home is Ella here. She's a 4-year-old longhaired dachshund who pretty much loves everyone and can't wait to be part of whatever you're up to. Nice long walks and rides in the car are a hit with this girl, who's also happy to snuggle with you when it's time to be quiet. You can find out more about this girl here.

Coming up soon is the semi-annual Golf Tournament and Banquet at the Peacock Gap Golf Club on September 7. This festive event is part of the extensive support that makes Jessica's Haven possible as a great community resource. Get tickets at

Photo: Ella – Jessica's Haven