Packing for Puppy Travel

By: DogTrekker Staff

Puppies like to chew on anything and everything. Packing for a trip with a puppy is not so different than packing for a trip with a small child: there are lots of items to round up, and you don’t want to forget anything.

You’ll want the obvious—bowls, food, toys, pick-up bags, leash—in your puppy bag, of course, along with paper towels or wipes and a spray cleaner for the inevitable accidents. An old towel or two will prove handy, and water from home can help prevent stomach upset. A crate outfitted with a favorite blanket for naps and nighttimes will help you sleep easy, too. For longer trips, consider bringing a portable playpen or exercise pen as another form of containment. Ex pens are useful when picnicking in a park or hanging out in a friend’s back yard.

But watch out: Puppies grow fast, and it’s in their nature to be escape artists! For larger pups, or for use in the house or hotel room, an adjustable baby or pet gate can keep Puppy confined to a hard-floor area and out of trouble.

Last but not least, be sure your pup is tagged and microchipped, and carry a copy of his medical record in the glove box. A publication like The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide or the American Red Cross’s Dog First Aid manual could prove invaluable if Puppy meets with an accident. If you’re more attuned to your smartphone than to print, invest in the Pet First Aid app from Jive Media.
Photo: "Puppy Chewing Camera" – Tambako Jaguar (CC)


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