Pets Without Partners 2019

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog at Pets Without Partners event

Alvin, it appears, is a family dog. He loves people, adult and kid. He gets along with other dogs. He gets along with cats. But country life has been a problem for this little 15-pound terrier mix, because he chases the chickens, chases the ducks, and would probably chase bunnies and rodents if there were any.  So he's now looking for a home where he can share his winning personality with his friends and stay away from critters who lead him into trouble. More about him here.

Helping him in his quest are the good folks at Pets Without Partners in Redding, who routinely swoop dogs to safety from overcrowded shelters and give them a haven till they find their families–including, currently, two moms and their puppies.  As their name suggests, they're big on the bond between humans and dogs, and creating partnerships that enrich lives all around.

If you're visiting the Redding area, you can find Pets Without Partners at Petco on most Saturdays with a whole lot of hopeful dogs and puppies waiting to meet you.

And maybe recruit you as their new partner, who knows?

Photo: Alvin – Pets Without Partners