Provisioning Your Pup

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog First Aid Kit

Provisioning your pup on a camping trip isn’t so different from provisioning for any other kind of road trip (see our road-trip tips on Protection against ticks, fleas, heartworms and parasites is a must, as is a dog first-aid kit for away-from-home emergencies. Don’t forget pickup bags and/or a lightweight trowel to bury waste (check rules at your campground).

Rules at organized campgrounds vary from place to place, but two dog-tending basics apply almost everywhere.

• Your pup will need to be leashed, tethered or otherwise restrained from leaving your campsite unattended. A leash around the leg of a picnic table will work, but a less tangle-prone solution is a stake tie-out positioned close to human activity but away from cooking and eating areas. Think of it as a crate without walls and  practice using it before you go. (Word to the wise: forget those corkscrew-like stakes widely available at pet stores. They’re useless in hard Sierra soils.)

• Suzie-Q will have to sleep in your tent or in your vehicle, where she’ll be safe from wildlife and not tempted to bark the night away, disturbing other campers. A portable kennel is a lifesaver for dogs prone to nighttime pacing, wandering or responding vocally to unfamiliar sounds and smells.
tory posted 6/26/12