Puppy-proofing Your Hotel Room

By: DogTrekker Staff

Puppies, like toddlers, are endlessly curious, fascinated by everything and want to put it all in their mouths. In minutes, a chewy, needle-toothed pup can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to a hotel room, and perhaps injure herself in the process. But don’t turn your DogTrekking vacation into a series of reprimands. Your pup’s name, after all, is not “No, Spot, No!”

The first job for a human entering a hotel room with a puppy is to create a safe space for little Daisy, who otherwise will chew everything within reach, including chair legs, electrical cords, remote controls, cell phones and down comforters—which, from a puppy point of view, are nothing but big stuffed toys. Leaving a puppy unsupervised even for as long as it takes to duck into the shower can lead to disaster. The best plan is to scope out the room the second you enter it and assess every item for the potential to be pulled down, ripped or shredded. Put such items out of reach, if possible. And keep your own luggage and personal items contained as well, especially if you value your socks.

A crate is invaluable for buying peace of mind in a hotel room when you need a few minutes to yourself or when Daisy needs a nap. Or, use a baby gate (if you have one and it fits the opening) to confine her to a bathroom or hard-floored dressing area that’s free of hazards and easy to clean up.