The Street Vet

By: DogTrekker Staff
The Street Vet
Kwane Stewart, The Street Vet.

It’s been said that not all heroes wear capes. This is definitely the case for Kwane Stewart, who does his do-gooding in scrubs (armed with a medical bag and treats) on the streets of California. Better known as The Street Vet, he has been assisting the state’s homeless population by helping treat and care for their pets since 2011.

Stewart spends much of his time walking in areas where there are large numbers of homeless people. He keeps his eyes out for animals, commonly treating ailments such as allergies, skin and ear infections, flea infestations, bad teeth, and even arthritis. Where vaccinations and medications are needed, he pays for those costs out of his own pocket. He says, “Homeless people take care of their pets even better than we do, when they own a pet, it engenders this generosity. They always make sure their pet is fed. Medically is where they need help.”

Many of the people whose animals Stewart treats tell him their pets “are better than any form of therapy.” They serve as constant protectors, companions, and many times their only source of true love.

The Street Vet has treated about 400 animals since embarking on this heroic journey and documents many of his stories through his TV series, “Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet“.

While solving the issue of homelessness will take many years, for now California has its street vet to make sure these humans and their pets will always have a home in each other.

You can follow The Street Vet on YouTube and Instagram. If you would like to assist him continuing his work, you can donate here.