Arroyo Veterinary Hospital

Arroyo Veterinary Hospital

18501 Sonoma Highway
Sonoma, California 95476
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Local Phone: (707) 996-1054
E-mail: [email protected]

It is the mission of Arroyo Veterinary Hospital to provide the highest quality of compassionate care to every patient.  In addition, they strive to provide each client excellent service and the knowledge to help them be a partner in practicing good preventative care for their pet.

Dog scratching fleas
Itchin' and scratchin'. (CC) Colin Northway
By Dr. Rhonda Stallings, Arroyo Veterinary Hospital

Each year, the flea problem seems to be getting worse and worse. Products that have been working for years now appear to have lost their effectiveness. more »
Senior dog from Muttville
Rhonda Stallings, DVM, Arroyo Veterinary Hospital, Sonoma

You may be noticing that your lovely pup is getting grey around the muzzle, slowing down, or just not their usual happy self. Just like humans, pets age – but faster. By seven years of age, your dog can be considered a “senior” pet, but it can live many more years with a good quality of life because of advances in veterinary medicine.  more »
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