ATRA (Abandoned Terrier Rescue)

ATRA (Abandoned Terrier Rescue)

P.O. Box 824
Somis, California 93066
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Local Phone: (818) 347-1029

Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association (ATRA) was founded in 1988 by Ruth Millington. It is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that relies solely on donations in order to provide care for the terriers in need.

Most of the rescues are housed with Ruth in Ventura County; a few are in foster homes.

ATRA primarily rescues Wire Fox Terriers. They occasionally also rescue Lakeland Terriers and Welsh terriers and assist Airedale Terrier Rescue. They do not have the resources to take in other terrier breeds or mixes. They do not handle Toy Fox terriers, Rat terriers or Jack Russell terriers.

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