San Diego Corgi Meetup

San Diego Corgi Meetup

San Diego, California
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Imagine 50 stubby corgis frolicking at the park or running through the surf. Now imagine their owners laughing and discussing what makes them similar and what makes them separate personalities. That's what this meetup is all about. Come join us and just maybe you'll laugh too while our big dogs with short legs play.

Our main Corgi Meetup happens once monthly, on the 4th Saturday of the month. We also have mini-meetups scheduled regularly, and any member can suggest a new Meetup. For about two hours, our Corgis can mingle and romp together and we people can have a grand time too! This is a great opportunity to bond with your corgi companion while providing socialization skills and showing off your pride and joy!

We will be meeting at various venues around San Diego. Please join us. Everyone is welcome.

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