Lagoon Valley Park

Lagoon Valley Park

4681 Pena Adobe Rd
Vacaville, California 95696
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This 470-acre park on Pena Adobe Road just off of Interstate 80 between Vacaville and Fairfield includes the historic Pena Adobe home, barbecue areas, horseshoe pits, multi-purpose field, bike trails, a small pond, excellent hiking, Lagoon Valley Lake for fishing and non-motorized boating. The trek around the lake is about 2.5 miles.

The park also features a 30,000 square foot fenced, off-leash dog park complete with shade, water and trash receptacles. Entry fee is $3., dog friendly, park, hike, trails, dog park

Jaxon, Visit Vacaville's Director of Barketing
Jaxon Levi, Vacaville' Director of Barketing
Carrying on the tradition of Visit Vacaville’s Director of Barketing and serving as a mascot for all things dog-friendly is Vacaville’s most famous pup, Jaxon Levi. more »
Jaxon, Vacaville's Director of Barketing
Jaxon Levi, Vacaville's Director of Barketing
Sometimes the places in our own back yard are the least explored. And for many Northern Californians, Vacaville, a familiar name on Interstate 80, is one of them. Get off the highway, and you’ll find affordable, pet-friendly lodging (seven hotels and two RV parks) and plenty of ways to play. more »

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