Nick’s Cove plans to rebuild the boat shack

By: DogTrekker Staff
Nick's Cove

For DogTrekkers familiar with Nick’s Cove, located on Tamales Bay in West Marin County, the Boat Shack at the end of their 300 foot long pier has been an iconic and beloved feature. Sadly, a fire on January 7th of this year completely destroyed the Shack. Plans are now under way to rebuild.

“It was heartbreaking for all of us at Nick’s Cove to watch the Boat Shack become engulfed in flames,” said longtime Nick’s Cove General Manager, Wade Nakamine. “Thankfully, nobody was injured, and we are extremely grateful to our local fire departments, sheriff and coast guard for coming to our aid and putting out the fire before it spread down the pier. We are deeply committed to rebuilding for our entire community.” 

The staff of Nick’s Cove hope that those wondering how to help will simply come in and dine at the restaurant, continue to book stays in the twelve on-site cottages, and consider purchasing gift cards to show support. 


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