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DogTrekker Road Trip: Oregon, Here We Come
Published on December 28, 2016
Sure, California is a great state. But there’s a reason so many Californians vacation in (and even move to) Oregon. Our neighbor to the north offers not just a change of scenery and zero state sales tax, but dog-friendly opportunities at every turn. Here’s a look at some of the most dog-friendly destinations in the Beaver State, along with the resources you need to find more places the two of you can roam.   more »
Mendocino County: A Winter’s Tale for You And Your Dog
Published on December 14, 2016
Mendocino County’s sculpted coastline, redwood forests and wine-producing valleys are always seductive, but in winter, food, festivals and low-season lodging deals provide extra incentives for a visit. Button up your jacket and give Rover a scratch behind the ears as you congratulate yourself on choosing one of the most dog-friendly destinations in the country.   more »
DogTrekker Holiday Issue
Published on November 30, 2016
Yikes—Turkey Day has come and gone and the leftovers are being gobbled up fast. Time to switch gears, put up the Christmas lights, pull out the light-up holiday dog collar (you have one, don’t you?) and plan some excursions that will fill you both with the joy of the season.   more »
Canine Chill-out in Greater Palm Springs
Published on November 15, 2016
If your vision of a California desert vacation includes blue sky, purple mountains, turquoise pools and nodding palm trees, you’ve come to the right place. Greater Palm Springs caters to everyone from Hollywood celebrities to snowbirds to avowed desert rats—all demographics that include a lot of DogTrekkers. Our friends at Visit Greater Palm Springs want you to find your oasis in the nine cities that make up the Coachella Valley. Here are some great ideas for making that happen.   more »
Endless Summer on the California Coast
Published on October 30, 2016
While the rainy season sets in over Northern California and snow season brings much-welcomed white stuff to the Sierra Nevada, California’s central and southern coasts settle into an off-season defined by delightful temperatures and ample opportunity for you and your four-legged travel companions to enjoy the best of the best without summer prices or crowds.   more »
Unclip For a Fall Romp With Your Dog
Published on October 19, 2016
As anyone who’s hiked with a dog on a leash knows, it doesn’t work too well on single-track trails where there’s not enough space for your pup to walk beside you. But in California, we’re lucky. If your dog is well mannered and has a solid recall, you’ll find lots of places where you can unclip and responsibly hike free of the umbilical cord that normally ties you together.’s new off-leash blog holds lots of suggestions. Here are a few more.   more »
Sniff Your Way Through Fall in Sonoma County
Published on October 2, 2016
From hip urban neighborhoods to wave-swept ocean shores, Sonoma County is nothing if not diverse when it comes to experiences you can enjoy with your dog. There’s plenty of gorgeous scenery to share with your best friend, and no better time to soak it up than during the sometimes moody days of fall.   more »
Fall Rambles in the Vineyards With Your Dog
Published on September 28, 2016
What better excuse for a wine-tasting ramble than a fall weekend with the vineyards ablaze and your trusty companion by your side? No matter which part of the state you’re visiting, you’ll find lots of options among the more than 600 dog-friendly winery tasting rooms listed on and its companion mobile app. Here are some places to get started.   more »
Enter Your Best California Dog Video
Published on September 21, 2016
California is the most dog-friendly state in the U.S. Show us your four-legged friend at play in the great California outdoors, for a chance to win one of two GoPro® cameras. Enter Today!   more »
A Cascade of Options in California’s Far North
Published on September 13, 2016
The Shasta Cascade region encompasses eight inland counties sprawled over an area the size of Ireland. There’s plenty of room to roam with your dog and lots to do and see, from hiking or sightseeing to just sticking your snouts out the window and watching some amazing scenery go by.   more »
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