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Welcome to the award winning Vet Buzz,'s pet health blog with the latest in veterinary medicine, valuable tips and seasonal guidelines to keep your dog safe and healthy at home and on the road. Whether it is caring for an elderly dog, holistic approaches to health care, toxic algae blooms or tick and rattlesnake warnings, our Vet Buzz contributors have you covered.

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Choosing a Final Good-Bye Away from the Vet's Office

Choosing a Final Good-Bye Away from the Vet

By Dr. Jeannine Berger, SF SPCA Veterinarian & Behavior Specialist

After giving us a lifetime of unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty, dogs carry only one fault. And that one fault is that they just don’t live as long as we often hope. So, after receiving a lifetime of beauty and selflessness, how do we honor them in their darkest hour? In fact, one of the most compassionate actions we can take is knowing how and when to give them a kind, gentle death. And as bittersweet as the choice may be, planning ahead and being prepared for a pet’s euthanasia often helps make it a very compassionate decision. more »

Shedding Concerns

Shedding Concerns

By Dr. Sophie Liu, SF SPCA Resident in Behavior Medicine

Aside from being the largest organ, skin also plays a critical role in health and, equally, is reflective of your dog’s health. Because of selective breeding, many dog breeds have developed different types of fur with varying maintenance and grooming requirements. All dog coats, however, require a balance of high quality nutrition and some level of grooming care to ensure a healthy skin barrier and a normal coat. more »

Vet Buzz: Keeping Your Dog Cool On Hot Summer Days


By Dr. Chris Pitts, RVT, of Broadway Animal Hospital

Dogs love summer fun just as much as we do. But being trapped in those fur coats without the ability to sweat can prove troublesome in the hotter months. To take away the worry of overheating your furbaby, here are a few tips. more »

Vet Buzz: Healing, Health and Happiness for Your Dog

I'm getting better! - Photo Credit: Bruno Cervera

By Dr. Shannon Leggieri, Claremont Veterinary Hospital

Advances in veterinary care continue to help us take care better of our four-legged kids. More research has lead to a wider menu of options for treating your dog's challenges, including trauma, pain, osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, anxiety and neurological inflammation.
An exciting new device that offers a safe, scientifically proven treatment option at home for your dog is now available. The Assisi Loop, by Assisi Animal Health, is an non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device (NPAID) that can be an adjunct or an alternative to traditional treatments like NSAIDs, analgesics and opioids.  more »

Vet Buzz: Oh No! My Dog is Limping!

Oh no, my leg! - Photo Credit: Honza Groh
Oh no, my leg! - Photo Credit: Honza Groh

By Dr. Sophie Liu, SF SPCA Resident in Behavior Medicine

We’ve all seen it before. You’re out for your daily walk when, suddenly, your beloved pooch lifts her back leg and looks at you with wide brown eyes. Your dog is limping! What do you do? What could it be? more »

Vet Buzz: Keeping the Golden Years Golden

Happy Birthday! - Photo Credit:
Happy Birthday! - Photo Credit:

By Dr. Chris Pitts, RVT, of Broadway Animal Hospital

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully, including your dog. Your dog ages in much the same way as a human does, only at a faster rate. more »

How We Know Dogs Can Feel Our Emotional Stress

Gotta keep you happy! - Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova
Gotta keep you happy! - Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova

By Dr. Sophie Liu, SF SPCA Resident in Behavior Medicine

It’s hard not to feel stressed in today’s environment. So, of course, it makes sense to turn to our fluffy companions for a daily dose of love, affection, and stress reduction. But the same qualities that make dogs such great companions also make them highly attuned to our emotions and behaviors.
  more »

Vet Buzz: Fireworks Anxiety

Vet Buzz: Fireworks Anxiety

By Dr. Chris Pitts, RVT, of Broadway Animal Hospital

Humans love the beauty of a good fireworks show. I am not sure if your dog loves the beauty of a good fireworks display, but I know he does NOT appreciate the noise.

Your dog's sense of hearing is one of his best strengths, but when it comes to those glorious loud kabooms on the fourth of July, his hearing is his greatest foe. To him, those explosions sound like a 747 landed in the front yard, and may send him hiding under the bed, urinating on the floor or chewing up the doorframe to escape. more »

Vet Buzz: Dangers on the Trail

Let's go! - Photo Credit: Pezibear

By Dr. Chris Pitts, RVT, of Broadway Animal Hospital

Summer hiking is here, and you want to take Fido out to romp in the hills! Here are a few things to keep in mind to continue your fun in the sun. more »

Vet Buzz: Dog First Aid Kit

Packed and ready to go!
Packed and ready to go!

By Dr. Sophie Liu, SF SPCA Resident in Behavior Medicine

Before you embark on your next adventure, take a moment to plan and assemble a first aid kit to protect your dog. more »

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