Everitt Memorial Highway

Lake St.
Mount Shasta , California 96067
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It takes just half an hour to drive this two-lane, 14-mile scenic road up the southwest flank of Mount Shasta. Or then again, it can take all day. If you're into climbing, the names "Panther Meadows," "Bunny Flat" and "Old Ski Bowl" have resonance; they're all starting points for snow-season climbs of the majestic, 14,161-foot volcanic cone that dominates the landscape for miles around.  

The road is usually drivable from late June until late October, when snow closes it above Bunny Flat. 

You'll find restrooms by the roadside at Bunny Flat and Panther Meadows, along with first-come campgrounds. Dogs are allowed on the Old Ski Bowl trails at the end of the highway and on Gray Butte Trail in the Panther Meadows area, but nowhere else in the Mount Shasta Wilderness. 

The highway starts in Mount Shasta City but is not well marked. Take Lake Street from the center of town, bend onto Chestnut, pass the high school and you're good to go.

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Mt. Shasta / Photo: @crazycoco_bcmix
Mt. Shasta / Photo: @crazycoco_bcmix
If you crave a change of scenery, you’ll get it many times over in the eight-county Shasta Cascade region. The lightly traveled North State is a treasure trove of mountainous scenery, history and small towns that charm. What’s not to like?  A paws-up warning: Dog access is restricted, to various degrees, at the places set forth below. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a woofing good time with your four-legged companion, even where leashes are required. Here we go with some suggestions. more »
Mountain Dog. Photo Credit: Amy Scott
Mountain Dog. Photo Credit: Amy Scott
On a clear day, 14,179-foot-high Mount Shasta comes into view just north of Sacramento as you make the trip up Interstate 5. You might mistake it for a cloud at first, but soon, its distinctive, snow-capped volcanic cone comes into unmistakable focus. By the time you get to Redding, it’s an indelible part of the landscape. Take a rest stop with Rover, and keep driving an hour up the road to Mount Shasta City, a walkable town of 3,500 where every other shop, it seems, deals in spiritual experience and paraphernalia. more »
Dog enjoying the Shasta scenery
Photo Credit: Beth King
Fall is great time for a scenic-drive vacation, and it would be hard to find a better variety of options than in the scenic Shasta/Cascade region, which boasts 12 designated scenic byways, each with its own intrinsic qualities. The 500-mile Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, which winds through the least populated part of California, is one of just 21 routes nationwide designated an “All-American Road” by the U.S. Department of Transportation. more »
View of Mt Shasta
Mount Shasta, an hour north of Redding, is considered by many to be one of the world’s most spiritual “power spots.” Even if you’re not into New Age thinking, you and your furry friend will find higher purpose with a trip up the Everitt Memorial Highway, a two-lane strip of asphalt winding 14 miles up the flanks of the 14,179-foot-high volcanic cone for unforgettable hikes and views. more »
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