At Tahoe: The ultimate doggie meetup

By: DogTrekker Staff
Two dog-friendly dogs standing on a sandy beach in North Lake Tahoe.
Dogs on the beach at Lake Tahoe.

Camp W DogsWho hasn’t gazed out at Lake Tahoe and wished there was a really good beach where dogs could run, leap, swim, dock dive and otherwise play to their hearts’ content? Well, there is. For two or three weeks each summer, Camp Winnaribbun, on Tahoe’s southeast shore, opens its gates to what only can be described as doggie paradise.

Ever seen a Chihuahua swim or a dachshund engaged in the sport of lure coursing? You might at Camp W, where on any given day dozens of leash-less, happy pups share a 33-acre, Ponderosa pine-shaded property that functions as a 4-H camp when it’s not gone to the dogs.

Top trainer Lory Kohlmoos has welcomed dogs and their people to this very special place for more than 20 years. Activities include daily dog hikes, playtime on the beach, and instruction in everything from obedience and agility to herding, tracking, flyball, nose work, dog psychology, and even doggie dance. There’s time, too, for evening campfires and languid naps on the lawn. It’s no wonder more than 80 percent of campers come back year after year.

Photo by Anne Chadwick Williams.


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