Bark Park

By: DogTrekker Staff
Bark Park in Susanville
Photo by Aislyn Clause.

Bark Park in Susanville in Lassen County, is specifically designed to cater to the needs of both large and small dogs, with two distinct areas that allow for safe, off-leash play in a controlled environment. This park is open from dawn to dusk, providing ample time for pet owners to utilize the space.

The park was initiated and developed through the efforts of Mimi Rena and John Dozier, highlighting their commitment to enhancing community life and providing a recreational space for dogs. Their efforts underline the park’s dual purpose of serving both the local and visiting pet owners, as well as fostering a communal atmosphere within Susanville.

Facilities at the Bark Park are geared towards convenience and safety. The separate sections for different dog sizes help prevent conflicts and accidents, while also allowing dogs to socialize appropriately according to their size and temperament. This setup is particularly beneficial in maintaining a secure environment where all dogs can enjoy playtime without undue stress or risk.

The park also serves as a community hub, encouraging social interactions among dog owners. It provides a space where residents can meet, socialize, and share common interests related to pet ownership. This aspect of Bark Park adds to the communal quality of life, promoting not just physical activity for pets but also social engagement for their owners.

In addition to serving local residents, Bark Park is an attractive spot for visitors traveling with pets. It offers a necessary rest stop for pets and owners alike, making Susanville a more inviting destination for those on road trips or vacations with their furry companions. The inclusion of such a facility highlights the town’s accommodation and welcome attitude towards visitors and their pets, potentially boosting local tourism and economy.

Bark Park exemplifies a successful community project that enhances the livability and attractiveness of Susanville, both for locals and visitors. It stands as a model of how dedicated individuals can drive change and create spaces that significantly benefit both human and animal community members.


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