Bay Area Meetups

By: DogTrekker Staff

Brussels Griffon MeetupSome Meetups focus on a particular interest, while some of the larger ones offer quite a range, from rescue to picnics to elegant evenings out. South Bay Dog Lovers is even planning some backpacking trips this summer. If Pepper needs a job, check out the training-oriented Cali K9 Meetups, where she can acquire skills from Basic Obedience to Advanced Tracking.

Off-leash hiking in East Bay Regional Parks, has inspired many a Meetup, among them Wag N Trails, a friendly, responsible crew that also welcomes the dog-impaired. In the South Bay, some pit bull folks found their dogs unwelcome in other groups and formed their own,
HikeABull, so everyone could hike and socialize happily. Soon the other breeds were checking out the HikeABull hikes.

BeaglesIf Bonzo needs a bit more quality time with his own kind (or you need a bit more quality time with someone experienced with other members of his gene pool), the breed-specific Meetups (we had a great time with Beagles by the Bay) are not only a great resource, they're a hoot. As Maria Gillespie of Brussels Griffon Bay Area says, "The human party is very mellow compared to the riot at shin level."

Photos: "Beagle Meetup" – Mary Eisenhart, DogTrekker; "Brussels Griffon Meetup" – Brussels Griffon Bay Area.


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