Biscuit at Little River Inn

By: DogTrekker Staff
Little River Inn dog biscuit

I lost my baby and best friend, Biscuit, on 11/27/21. He would have turned 15 this January. I have always enjoyed reading Dog Trekker and getting ideas of places to take Biscuit. We shared many adventures in the 14.5 years we had together.

I have included a photo of him enjoying the late afternoon sun on the deck of our room at the Little River Inn. Each afternoon during our stay, we would relax on the deck viewing the ocean and sun and quiet. I would drink a glass of wine and rock in the rocker, and Biscuit would look around, sniff all the smells in the air, then settle down for a little snooze before our dinner. I look forward to my next best friend, hopefully joining me this year, and traveling as much as possible with him or her.


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