Boomer’s First Camping Trip

By: DogTrekker Staff

DogTrekker, Emily S., wrote to us about her recent experience taking her 11-year old German shorthaired pointer rescue, Boomer, on his first real camping trip. 

“We met up with our friends at Veteran’s Memorial Campground in Monterey. Monterey seemed like the most logical choice since most places in the area are very dog friendly. We set up the tents and went down to Cannery Row where Boomer got to explore lots of new sights and sounds and smells–if it were warmer we might have stopped and had lunch or coffee on one of the restaurant patios since many of them are dog friendly including Ghirardelli! Most places simply request that your dog be leashed and well behaved. He really enjoyed the birds and all of the friendly people that stopped to say hello,” wrote Emily.

“The campground ended up being a great place. Boom made a few friends, including the very nice and helpful park manager. They do require that dogs be leashed in the campground and most places in the city. There was a park right next to the campground as well as some hiking trails with beautiful ocean views, both of which we took advantage of.”

Emily went on to explain that at the campground there were dogs of all shapes and sizes and Boomer made more friends.

It sounds like Boomer had a successful first camping experience; as Emily put it, “When bed time rolled around, he happily crawled into his sleeping bag like he had been using one all his life.” 

“It was a wonderful experience that I’m really grateful I was able to share with him.”

Thank you Emily for sharing Boomer’s first camping experience with us! 


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