Bridge for All Seasons

By: DogTrekker Staff
Cavallo Point
Cavallo Point

For 75 years, the Golden Gate Bridge has been the symbol of San Francisco — and one that never grows less beautiful with the passing of time. It's no longer legal to walk over the bridge with a dog, but there are many trails-with-a-view from which to admire it in the city and in adjacent Marin County.

To get up close and personal—and learn a lot in the process—pay a call at the newly remodeled and expanded Golden Gate Bridge visitor center, where you can marvel at the outdoor exhibits, enjoy the gardens and snap some photos of your furry friend with the swooping orange structure in the background.

For a hike punctuated by dramatic views from several different angles, try the Land's End Trail, which hugs a rugged coastline carved by the relentlessly crashing Pacific. It's one of many dog-friendly trails within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which encompasses dozens of trails and historic sites in three counties and marks its 40th anniversary this year.

Whether you hike or just admire the bridge, the fog-free days of fall are the best time of year to do it.


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