Camping Provisions for Your Dog

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog camping

Provisioning your pup on a camping trip isn’t so different from provisioning for any other kind of road trip (see our road-trip tips on Protection against ticks, fleas, heartworms and parasites is a must, as is a dog first-aid kit for away-from-home emergencies. Don’t forget pickup bags and/or a lightweight trowel to bury waste (check rules at your campground).

Rules at organized campgrounds vary from place to place, but two dog-tending basics apply almost everywhere.

• Your pup will need to be leashed, tethered or otherwise restrained from leaving your campsite unattended. A leash around the leg of a picnic table will work, but a less tangle-prone solution is a stake-out post positioned close to human activity but away from cooking and eating areas. Think of it as a crate without walls and practice using it before you go. You’ll need a mallet for hammering it in. (Word to the wise: forget those corkscrew-like stakes widely available at pet stores. They’re useless in hard and rocky soils.)
Another option is a cable trolley system that can be strung between trees, either at ground level or above. They’re relatively inexpensive and dogs adjust to them quickly.

• Rover will have to sleep at night in your tent or in your vehicle, where he’ll be safe from wildlife and not tempted to bark the night away, disturbing other campers. A portable kennel is a lifesaver for dogs prone to nighttime pacing, wandering or responding vocally to unfamiliar sounds and smells. If your pet isn’t crate trained, bring her favorite dog bed or blanket and hope for the best!


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