Diesel & Oliver’s Seaside Adventure

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dogs Diesel and Oliver

Diesel and Oliver’s parents, Ashley and Chris P. were the lucky winners of one of our Nick’s Cove DogCations. The whole family got to enjoy a wonderful seaside adventure along Tomales Bay. Here’s what they had to say about their getaway to Nick’s Cove:

Our stay at Nick’s Cove was top notch! It met and far exceeded our expectations.

Deck of cabin at Nick's Cove
Family time! Photo Credit: @ap_weim

Our cabin overlooked Tomales Bay and included a wrap around deck and wood burning stove. Oliver is always cold, so he loved cuddling up next to the fire.

Cabin at Nick's Cove
Oliver enjoying the warm fire. Photo Credit: @ap_weim

Our boys were a big hit and the staff at Nick’s were amazing with them. They treated our boys like family and really made us feel welcome.

Nick's Cove
Photo Credit: @ap_weim

One morning, while taking Diesel to potty, a woman who worked there made it a point to come over to me and Diesel so that she could meet him. She gave me very helpful information about dog friendly things to do in the area. We took most of her suggestions and were not disappointed. Talk about hospitality!

Kehoe Beach
Beach time! Photo Credit: @ap_weim

During our stay at Nick’s, we took a drive to Kehoe Beach. Our boys love the beach, but because of the high winds that week, the surf was a little too rough to let them swim, but they still loved running around chasing the birds and checking out the new area.

Adventure along Tomales Bay
Off-leash fun! Photo Credit: @ap_weim

On our last day, we were sure to check out Millerton Point, which is only a few miles from Nick’s and sits right on Tomales Bay. The boys loved it. They were able to swim and explore the entire shore of the bay.

We were sad that we had to leave Nick’s; we made sure to go out to the dock and enjoy the beautiful scenery one last time before leaving.

Nick's Cove
What a view! Photo Credit: @ap_weim

It was an amazing trip and I’m glad we were able to experience it.

Marshall, CA
Photo Credit: @ap_weim

We will definitely be returning to Nick’s in the future. It is a hidden gem. Diesel and Oliver absolutely loved it!

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