Alamo Creek Bikeway

Alamo Creek Bikeway

The Alamo Creek Bikeway is a shaded, dog-friendly path along Alamo Creek in Vacaville. The trail connects residents with several parks, including Nelson Park, Patwin Park and Beelard Park.

The Bikeway is 4.4 miles long and intersects the Southside Bikeway (a rail trail) near Eugene Padan Elementary School, providing access to Al Patch Park to the south and downtown Vacaville to the north.

The trail is not just popular with people: various forms of wildlife, including beavers, have been spotted along the trail and adjacent creek.

Parking for the Alamo Creek Bikeway is available at the parks along the trail’s route: Nelson Park on Marshall Road, Patwin Park on Elmira Road and Beelard Park along Beelard Drive.

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