American River Parkway

American River Parkway

In the heart of Sacramento County lies the American River Parkway, a vibrant greenbelt stretching along the banks of the American River. Welcoming to leashed dogs and their owners, this haven is a breath of fresh air for locals and visitors alike.

Location and accessibility

Conveniently situated, the American River Parkway can be reached via several exits off U.S. Route 50. From the scenic Folsom Lake State Recreation Area to the charming streets of the Old Sacramento historic district, this 32-mile paved pathway is tailor-made for a diverse array of outdoor activities.

Explore more than just a path

Beyond the main route, the parkway boasts a comprehensive 82-mile trail system that caters to hikers and equestrians. This intricate network of paths provides endless opportunities for exploration, ensuring a new experience with each visit.

Why it’s a local favorite

Dubbed the crown jewel of the Sacramento County Regional Park System, the American River Parkway is more than just a trail. It’s a sanctuary for nature lovers, a gathering place for families, and an essential green space in an urban setting. Whether you’re a jogger hitting the pavement, a horseback rider taking in the view, or a dog owner looking for the next great adventure with your furry friend, the parkway delivers.

Its prominence as a cherished local resource underscores its importance to Sacramento County. Whether it’s the gentle gurgle of the American River, the shade of towering trees, or the camaraderie of fellow nature enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone.

So, if you’re seeking a place where nature meets accessibility, the American River Parkway is your destination. Leash up your pup, strap on your hiking boots or saddle up, and discover the wonders this parkway holds.

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