Arnold Rim Trail

Arnold Rim Trail

Hike, bike, or horseback ride the dog-friendly Arnold Rim Trail (ART), a mid-elevation non-motorized, 17.5-mile trail system in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Connecting the many wonders of public lands along the Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway stretch of Hwy 4 to its communities, this beautiful trail creates a high level of access for its residents and visitors.

Trail Use Guidelines from the Arnold Rim Trail Association:

Dogs on the ART are under the same Calaveras County Statute as anywhere else in the County. Dogs are to be on a leash, or under the immediate voice command of owner.

We would emphasize that voice command means voice command! You know your dog, and if he or she is inclined to chase bicycles or horses in spite of your voice commands, we humbly ask that you leash your pup. We celebrate the fact that we have equestrians, cyclists and hikers sharing the trail harmoniously. Thanks for your cooperation.

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