Bailey Cove Trail – Shasta Lake

Bailey Cove Trail – Shasta Lake

Many of the trails at Shasta Lake follow the lake shoreline. They offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, running, fishing, sightseeing and wildlife viewing.

Three of these shoreline trails, Bailey Cove, Packers Bay, and Clikapudi, make loops and return to their point of origin via a different route. Bailey Cove is the shortest of these trails and also the easiest.

This is a scenic hike along the lower McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake and provides good access for fishing and sightseeing. The trail circles what was once a mountain and offers an interesting opportunity to see how exposure to the sun affects the different sides.

The south facing slopes are noticeably hotter and dryer and covered with manzanita and knobcone pines which are heat tolerant. The north side of the mountain is decidedly cooler and the vegetation changes to pines and oaks, and finally to thick groves of Douglas Fir.

Parking: Bailey Cove Public Ramp (O’Brien Exit of I-5)
Water: Bring your own
Fee: None
Best time of year for this hike: Year round
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.8 miles
Leash rule: Dogs should stay on leash while on trails.

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