Brockway to Watson Lake – North Shore

Brockway to Watson Lake – North Shore

The Brockway to Watson Lake trail is 13.4 miles round trip and is classified as a strenuous hike.

The Brockway trailhead is on Highway 267 about 0.5 miles south of the summit.

This dog-friendly trail is open to mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. Be sure to yield as is appropriate.

The first 4.5 miles are gentle ups and downs through white fir and Jeffrey pine forest. In this section you will cross several forest service roads (including FSR 73, commonly known as the Fiberboard Freeway); make sure you are rejoining the actual trail after each of these junctions.

After 4.5 miles there is a short 90-yard spur trail on your left-hand side which takes you to a large rock pile that offers spectacular views of Lake Tahoe.

During the next 2.2 miles, you will be heading gently up through beautiful wildflower meadows and forested areas. After passing several streams, you will arrive at Watson Lake.

Enjoy your time here before returning via the same path.

Special Note: You can drive to Watson Lake, so you can make this a shorter, one-way trip be leaving a car on each end of the route.

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