Camarillo Grove Park

Camarillo Grove Park

The dog-friendly Upper Loop is a moderate hike, over 1 mile in length, with an approximate 600 foot vertical differential.  You will see both dry southern exposures and northern exposures with cactus species, monkey flower, sumac, and the ever endearing poison oak.  This trail crosses two dry creek beds (wet season flow only) ending with a panoramic view of Pleasant Valley and the hills of Camarillo.

While hiking at Camarillo Grove Park you may meet some of the local neighbors – coyotes, rabbits, birds, lizards, squirrels, snakes, and more. 

Please note: Saturday and Sunday dogs are allowed off-leash on the trails only until 10 a.m.

This park is also home to the Camarillo Grove Dog Park.  This enclosed dog park features many shaded areas and doggie drinking fountains.  This park is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to dusk.  The entire park is also an off leash park Monday – Friday only.

Saturday and Sunday dogs are allowed off-leash only in the designated dog park area and on the trails until 10 a.m.  Please be considerate of others and do not allow your dog to be off-leash outside the designated times and locations.

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